The Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam) is the world’s largest repository of printed documents and other original documentary materials relating to the DK regime. The materials in our archives are consequently of the utmost historical interest and may serve as important evidentiary materials in any accountability process relating to the Democratic Kampuchea regime.

To disseminate the truth about the DK period and to promote lawful accountability and national reconciliation, it is imperative that our materials be made available to historians, judicial officials, and other interested members of the public. 

However, it is equally important for our materials to be protected from physical decay, corruption, and other security hazards.

We have thus formulated procedures for managing access to our archives both before and during the prospective trials of former Khmer Rouge leaders. They cover authorization for those seeking access to our documents, photocopying, viewing originals, and document custody, care, and return. The procedures have been submitted to the Royal Government and the United Nations. In addition, we have developed a set of regulations for those wishing to view documents in our Public Information Room.